Dating aria pro ii guitars

Electric guitar serial number dating aria/aria pro ii hofner the sequence of hofner serial numbers does not provide an exact method for dating hofner guitars . Re: dating aria pro ii lawsuit guitars you could do worse than this site, without a model or serial number though, you could be a while the guitars of matsumoku. This model is the aria pro ii te-400bl something besides it being a '76 that is interesting is that the serial number starts with a letter apparently it was never documented as to why some matsumoku guitars had a letter and others of the same model did not. We have an eclectic range of used electric, acoustic and semi acoustic guitars including ibanez, fender, aria pro ii, dean, gibson, shaftesbury, yamaha, epiphone, gordon smith, memphis, guild, pete back, paul reed smith, schecter, takamine, tanglewood, tokai, vantage vox and westbury with prices ranging from upwards of £100.

Amazoncom: aria+pro+ii from the community by aria pro ii guitars currently unavailable aria pro ii guitars - alcatrazz - yngwie malmsteen - 1984 print . Aria (guitar company) the aria brand name was changed to aria pro ii in late 1975, though this has been used mostly, but not exclusively, for electric guitars. Click here to view full size image : 1976 aria pro ii aw40 beautiful exotic brazilian rosewood supurbly crafted in japan ask here we have another vintage japanese great find this example a beautiful pretty much exact copy of a vntage martin d-45 this is a very high quality built lawsuit era aria pro ii model aw40. Aria pro ii did some copies of famous american guitars like the fender stratocaster and the gibson les paul though it also did its own style of guitars in the 70s and early 80s the company came into its own in the united states with a series of high end professional instruments.

Aria pro ii help discussion in 'bad dating aria guitars dating aria guitars is a mix of fair precision and historical triangulation the early guitars did not . Hi guys, i've just bought myself a nice aria pro ii from a local guitar shop (£175 steal at the price) the shop owner said it was traded to. Aria review / electric guitars / unbiased reviews of guitar equipment, cd and dvd music at ultimate-guitarcom. Looking to buy this aria pro ii strat discussion in 'stratocaster discussion forum' started by rayyy, dec 22, 2013 page 1 fender stratocaster guitar forum.

This guitar in overall great shape, and plays well i just put new strings on it and adjusted the intonation slightly sounds good it has some nicks, as shown. Official website of aria guitars co leading in quality and excellence of electric, acoustic, bass, and classical guitars since 1965. This page features pickguards for aria guitars & basses the company was founded in 1956 by mr shiro araithey were the first importers of classical guitars to post wwii japan in 1954, representing some of the finest european builders of the time like ramirez & hauser. The aria pro ii 805 was a five string electric bass one of the finish options was metallic purple read more: buy aria/aria pro ii magna series bass guitars. Aria pro ii serial discussion in ' and the japanese-made arias and aria pro ii's from that time period have nothing to do with the aria guitars & basses made .

Aria pro ii did some copies of famous american guitars such as the fender stratocaster and the gibson les paul though it also did its own style of guitars in the 70s . In 1978, aria pro ii released another long-selling model, the sb-1000 the sb-1000 was highly regarded throughout the world and came to represent everything that was good about aria and japanese guitar building. The aria brandname was changed to aria pro ii in late 1975, though this has been used mostly (but not exclusively) for electric guitars and basses. Just wondered if anyone out there could help me date and origin my aria pro 2at has aria pro 2 xrb series electronics on the headstock, on the neck plate it says aria pro 2 accurate bolt on system and the serial number 7101346 i have tried the net but info seems pretty slim, if anyone could h.

Dating aria pro ii guitars

History of aria pro ii (arai co, ltd) the company was established in 1956 by mrshiro arai the aria pro ii is brand name of their electric guitar range (they use the aria for acoustic range). How to date an aria guitar remember that dating aria guitars is not a science for information on aria guitars, email [email protected] vintage guitar pro . Dating aria guitars posted by steve on fri, 02/06/09 - 08:47:54 i have aria model pro ii the cat 6string electric guitar red color aria guitar dating.

  • Vintage guitar serial numbers - aria aria pro ii serial numbers articles guitar gallery about us serial numbers began to be used at least for aria guitars, made by matsumoku, the serial number contains the year of manufacture in the first 2 digits.
  • Want a matsumoku-produced guitar dating from january 1981 which sounds, plays and looks fantastic, and is a bargain-basement giveaway this aria pro ii 'cardinal series' guitar dates from the very beginning of production of the model, and is in stunning condition with barely any wear.
  • Dating my aria flying-v specifically japanese guitars, for more info but be prepared for a lot of trawling about: i play an aria pro ii and i'm a fan of the .

Save money on used aria gear at guitar center all pre-owned items are rated and scored buy online or at your local store today. The aria pro ii bass guitar has proved just as popular as its six-string cousins too, and you can find most of the aria pro ii guitar range easily thanks to the large inventory on ebay shop the large inventory of musical instruments and gear including vintage aria electric guitars . Up for sale is a used aria pro ii pw35 “dove” acoustic 6 string guitar serial dating sets this guitar as a 1978 matsumoku, lawsuit era, gibson dove copy .

Dating aria pro ii guitars
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